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1928 John Deere Model D

Known for being the longest running model of any John Deere tractor, the "D" quickly became a John Deere standard. Some of the D's earlier models sported the iconic steel wheels and its 7.2 L two cylinder engine has an unmistakable ring known by all tractor enthusiasts. This 1928 model still fires up and runs just as well as it did 93 years ago. 


1929 John Deere Model GP

The John Deere "GP" was made as John Deere's answer to competing companies for a "General Purpose" tractor, hence the model  name "GP". This tractor while only being in production from 1928-1935 came in a variety of styles. This 1929 standard row crop "GP" runs great and is parade ready or ready to be put to work!


1935 John Deere Model A

The John Deere model "A" was started in 1934 to be the official replacement of the "GP" for John Deere's general purpose tractor. The A set the standard for John Deere's true row-crop tractors setting in stone the iconic tricycle style that most vintage John Deere's can be recognized for. This 1935 model "A" is no exception to how captivating these models truly are!


1935 John Deere Model B
w/ mower

The John Deere Model B was started in 1935 as a smaller alternative to the preexisting Model A. Spanning its near 2-decade span, the B is categorized by "unstyled", "early styled", and "late styled". This 1935 B, built in the year it was introduced, is complete with a John Deere No.5 mower.


1938 John Deere Model B

This 1938 John Deere B falls under the "unstyled" version of the B with spoke wheels and tricycle design. What may not be noticed however is this B includes an extra gear box giving it road cruising capability, hence a little extra wear on the tires. 


1939 John Deere Model A

In 1939 John Deere made a slight change in it's tractor designs as seen in this model A. The new "styled" model included a new sheet metal frame, a slightly stronger engine, and became the trademark John Deere look of the 40's. This 1939 Model A is in excellent condition with a strong frame, tires in great condition, and a smooth running engine.  


1939 John Deere Model B

In 1939 the John Deere Model B also transitioned into the "styled" once again following in the footsteps of the A. With this change also came a slightly larger engine and new sheet metal for a stronger, sturdier tractor. This model however comes with fresh round spoke tires, and fenders giving it a unique and eye-catching look. 


1941 John Deere Model AR

The John Deere AR model derives its name from the  model A, but with its standard front axel it was know as the "regular" or fix-tread version of the A, hence "AR".  There is no denying the sturdiness of these tractors, and being in production from 1935-1953 it became a farming staple. This 1941 AR has served well in numerous parades and has been a family favorite. 


1941 John Deere Model D

In the later years of this model, the D took on a slightly different and more bulky look that before. With fuller rubber tires all the way around and an overall dimension increase the D became a powerhouse for modern farming in the 40's. This 1941 John Deere model D still runs beautifully and its unique design and look will be sure to turn a few heads. 


1942 John Deere Model B

This 1942 John Deere Model B is in many ways the benchmark for farming in the 40's. No unnecessary bells or whistles to this one, just a solid tractor that has been show quite a bit of love throughout the years and promises to serve many more with the right care. 


1943 John Deere Model B
w/ corn picker

This package deal is one that you cannot pass up on! This 1943 John Deere B complete with a John Deere 101 corn picker is a combination you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The '43 B is set with brand new rear tires and additional step ladders for easy access to the driver seat. The corn picker is also fully functional making this pair truly one of a kind!


1944 John Deere Model B

This 1944 John Deere B is the perfect option for any John Deere enthusiast looking to start their vintage collection. This tractor has new rubber all the way around promising many years of use to go with its strong running engine. The body and frame has some light wear to it but overall this tractor is affordable and dependable for any who are interested.


1949 John Deere Model B

This 1949 John Deere Model B captures the attention of the "late styled" models built between 1947-1952. With this new style came an upgrade in just about every category with an overall larger pressed steel frame, larger engine, and electric start and firing becoming standard. You may also notive that this model is fitted with some additional framing used to attach and operate a vintage hay stacker to the front. Proving to be in excellent condition in every way, this tractor is the right choice for anyone. 


1949 John Deere Model M
w/ plow

Designed during the throws of World War II, production for the John Deere Model M started in 1947 as a replacement for some. of John Deere's older H, L, and LA models. This smaller framed tractor came in three different models-- all a part of the collection-- and with it came the introduction of John Deere's Touch-O-Matic hydraulic system and PTO standard on all models. This '49 model also comes with. a John Deere steel plow behind it in superb condition.  


1949 John Deere Model MT

The John Deere Model MT derives its name from being the tricycle version of the "M" and thus the "MT". The MT shares the smaller frame and overall design just slightly higher clearance. This tractor is the perfect day-to-day tractor for typical farm work and a great tractor for family's with children due to its smaller frame and easy operation. 


1950 John Deere Model MC

The MC model, named thus for being the "crawler" version of the model M, is one of John Deere's most unique and coveted vintage tractors. This 1950 model is fitted with a front blade and is ready to go to work or get shown off! There's little denying the uniqueness of this tractor and you would be lucky to come across one in this condition!


1951 John Deere Model G

The John Deere Model G is one of John Deere's best and more handsome models. With a larger frame and engine then most models at the time the G was a very versatile and competitive tractor. This 1951 model has fresh paint, fenders, and tires making it ready to roll into any parade. 


1951 John Deere Model R

The R is best known as John Deere's first ever diesel tractor hauling a 47 HP engine ready to get to work! The R was also John Deere's first model to come with live PTO or pony motor to get the 6.2 L engine up and going. This R was one of Jim's first restorations and has notoriously been Delores's favorite in the collection. 


1955 John Deere Model 70

The John Deere 70 has long been one of Deere's most admired and sought after tractors due to its power and versatility. Many 70's continue to be used in farming to this day. This 1955 70 is one of Deere's diesel models with a wide front and still runs like a beauty. 


1954 John Deere Model 70

The 1954 70 is in many ways comparable to the previous diesel version; however, this model also includes power steering. The tractor is complete with a fresh set of rear tires, live power takeoff, and an engine that is ready to fire up!


1956 John Deere Model 50

The 50 was introduced in 1952 as a replacement to the earlier model B and send buyers into the modern era of farming. Unlike some of John Deere's earlier models, the 50 came standard with duplex carburetion, live Powr-Trol hydraulics, and a fully-independent PTO. This 1956 model was made in the final year of its production and is an excellent addition to any vintage collection!


1956 John Deere Model 60
w/ loader

Much like the 50 and 70 models, the 60 model is a mid-sized tractor used as a replacement to the earlier models. This 1956 John Deere 60 comes with power steering and a front loader with strong hydraulics. The front loader is fully functional and does not leak so it will hold position for a long time. 


1957 John Deere Model 720

The John Deere 720 is known as a powerhouse for its class able to complete larger jobs much like the R however does it all in an overall smaller frame and more horsepower. This 1957 model 720 packs 65 HP in its diesel engine and includes power steering, live power takeoff, a pony motor, and three point hitch. With a solid frame, all rubber in good condition, and an engine ready to fire, this tractor is field ready at a moments notice!


1940s John Deere Model LI

The L was a very small utility tractor used for little jobs here and there. This model specifcally is the Industrial version or "LI" and thus is painted all yellows opposed to the typical yellow and green. This model was believed to have been used by the state to help mow ditches and other state property back in the 40's and 50's. 


1950 Oliver Model 77

While it may still be modeling a similar green and yellow color scheme this tractor actually belongs to the Oliver Tractor Company. This model specifically (1950 Oliver 77) is categorized under "The Fleetlines" in Oliver productions history. These models, compared to the 66 model next up, share a similar streamline look and covered engine compartment that gave Oliver its distinct look. 


1958 Oliver Model 770

The Oliver 770 is categorized under Oliver's "3-Digit-Series" which appeared after the fleetline and super series throughout the 50's. With this new series came a new look with a change to clover white instead of yellow and a flat horizontal slatted nose. The new series also upped the horsepower to 55HP compared to the 37HP that was in the 77. This 770 has been used well and has proven to keep going no matter what making it a must have for whatever operation. 


Co-op No. 3

The Co-op No.3 is a simple looking and yet effective little tractor. Built as a standard-tread tractor, this machine was able to pack a bit of a punch with a 41HP engine. While this model is not for sale it is always good to appreciate a bit of history in your yard. 


John Deere Manuer Spreader

This is a John Deere Manure Spreader used throughout the late 40s and 50s. You may notice that the bed of this spreader has been concerted into a people mover which has been used for numerous parades. The bed however can easily be converted back to the traditional design and remain fully functional. This spreader is an excellent addition to whatever farm equipment that you may already have and will rightly attract attention at any parade. 


1952 Oliver Model 66

Much like its older brother, the Oliver Model 66 shows off the distinct slick look of Oliver's "fleetline" albeit in a smaller frame. The 66 is powered by Waukesha/Oliver 4-cylinder engine opposed to the 6-cylinder that the 77 uses but still get about 27HP comparable to some of John Deere's model A's. 


1957 Chevy 6500

The 1957 Chevy 6500 commands attention and rightfully so. This heavy duty classic dump truck is an eye turner and for good reason. From its bright green and red color, to its smooth running in-line 6 cylinder, to its seamless interior, this truck takes command of whatever job or presentation you are doing. 


1950s BF Avery

The B.F. Avery "BF" hails from the B.F. Avery company in Louisville that lasted only until about 1951. At that time B.F. Avery decided to sell out the company to Minneapolis-Moline hence the branding of it on the tractor while still maintaining the model "BF". This small 27 HP tractor was used for smaller day to day operations but runs great and looks great too!


1940s Leader

The leader tractor represents a small history with their production only taking place in the 1940's before the company was sold and liquidated. The company was owned by a father. and son team who began production out of Chargin Falls, OH before buisness got ahead of them and they had to back out. This model believed to be a 1949 would have been one of models made in the last year of its production and represents what the company was well. 


John Deere No. 12 Combine

This piece of machinery, while not a tractor, is an impressive piece of John Deere and farming history. Introduced in 1939 (this model suspected to be a '41) the 12A combine was Deere's top selling PTO-driven combine with over 116,000 models being sold! This combine which has been fully restored and still functional, encapsulates a specific moment in farming history that you are likely to find anywhere else!


1950 Studebaker

Up next in the collection is the 1950 Studebaker Dump Truck. This beauty of a vehicle not only looks the part but can play the part too! Studebaker became well known during and after WWII taking up the call for light yet load bearing trucks. Their answer, the M2, became widely popular and used throughout the country due to its versatility and captivating design. This dump truck model is fully functional, complete with brand new tires, and has all the bells and whistles you could ask for while looking its best!


John Deere 290 Corn Planter

The John Deere 290 corn planter was a farming staple back in the day and was considered the most technologically advanced for its time. No longer requiring an operator to sit on the planter to trigger the drop the 290 corn planter was said to increase productivity by 33% and allowed farmers to plant up to 30 acres a day. This planter is in excellent working condition and ready to serve as a lawn ornament or showcase. 

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